About Us

GAME-on-LOCK, LLC (GOL) is a holding company, which engages in the business of accusitions and operation of different companies. It operates as a parent company to GOL SPORTS, a subsidiary of GAME-on-LOCK.

GOL SPORTS is an online sports entertainment, digital gaming and merchandising company, which connects users to their choice of platforms for placing wagers on most popular college and professional league sports, horse races, and casino games (i.e. black jack, poker, slot machines).

The company markets and sells sports apparel, accessories, handicapping services and subscriptions under the GOL SPORTS brand name, while offering a full online Sportsbook, Horse Race and Casino experience to premium customers, through it's affiliate sites.

Mission Statement

To provide safe and trusted platforms where users can purchase reliable products and services, become more knowledgeable in our areas of business, and have potential to earn profits through our selection of entertainment options and financial strategies.